Other drawings (graphite)

2021 -

Papier dessin, crayon graphite.

When One has given up One's life

The parting with the rest

Feels easy, as when Day let go

Entirely the West

The Peaks, that lingered last

Remain in Her regret

As scarcely as the Iodine

Upon the Cataract -

Perception of an Object costs

Precise the Object's loss -

Perception in itself a Gain

Replying to it's price -

The Object absolute, is nought -

Perception sets it fair

And then upbraids a Perfectness

That situates so far -

Deux poèmes d'Emily Dickinson, en 1865.





Alphabet soup

Wounded swan

Broken bone on a glass of water

Self-portrait with the eyes closed and a candle

Tristan and Iseut

Still life with a bunch of aspergus, egg and butter

Chair and dog, it's snowing in the room

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